Diablo 2 v1.14d Awesome Crack Full Version Free 2022

Diablo 2 v1.14d Awesome Crack Full Version 2022 Free Download

Diablo 2 Awesome Crack

In the video game Diablo 2 Awesome Crack, players assume action-packed roles. The applications for PCs and other platforms, such as Classic Mac OS, as well as Mac OS itself, were originally made available on June 29, 2000. Blizzard North created the game in collaboration with his group of teammates. There are two different game modes in Diablo 2 v1.14d Awesome Torrent: single-player and multiplayer.

Diablo 2 has a stellar track record and has won numerous accolades, including the “Computer Role Game of the Year” in 2001. Additionally, it won “Game of the Year” and “Computer Game of the Year” honors in that same year. The game received a Gold sales award from the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publisher Association as well. The Diablo game that was first released in the 1990s has been improved in Diablo 2. It is necessary to describe the plot of this game in order to completely understand it.

Chapter 1: The purpose of this act is to save Cain, who has been imprisoned. After the adventurer has carried out the rescue, the next task is to kill Andariel, he is part of those evil spirits in the dark wanderer. This evil spirit corrupts the guidance of the monastery and takes charge of their monastery. When the task of defeating Andariel ends, the adventurer who is the player of the game follows the Dark Wanderer to the eastern part of the desert.

Chapter Two: The story of Chapter 2 continues where it left off in Chapter One. The adventurer had to reach the eastern part of the desert. Tomb at Tell Rasha in the desert. So Marius, in his ignorance, released the stone of Baal. With this opportunity, Baal, Mephisto and the main hero of the game join forces to open the entrance to Hell. With the power derived from Hell, the Dark Wanderer was able to get rid of his current form and then change into the true Diablo Demon.

Chapter Three: Mephisto was defeated by Hell’s Guidance in this Law, and the Soul Stone that had been taken to Hell was returned. Conclusion: Marius is seen in a dungeon in a vulnerable position, with this position he finds it difficult to go to Hell to destroy the stone given to him by Archangel Tyrell. He gave the stone to someone he did not know.

Chapter Four: After the adventurer locates Crust’s temple, he enters Hell in Chapter Three, so in Chapter Four Diablo was killed by the adventurer, and the hidden force behind Diablo and Mephisto presence was completely destroyed to prevent them from returning. The unknown person later revealed that he was the only remaining living soul of Baal.

Chapter Five: In the fifth chapter, Baal tries to win the loyalty of the inhabitants of Mount Amit. After the feat completed by the adventurer in the fourth chapter, the next mission was in Amit. So he sent the adventurous archangel to Amit.

Key Features:

  • The three categories of normal, nightmare, and hell are applied to all Acts.
  • Any of these options can be used to perform the five Acts.
  • Because the monsters and adversaries in the game are more powerful than one another, there is a distinction between the three categories.
  • Hell is the hardest, while normal is the easiest.
  • As the level progresses from regular to nightmare and the final level, hell, the adversaries also become harder to defeat with any weapon.
  • In Diablo 2, which has three categories, there are several aspects that help the player overcome the challenges they face.
  • Players have the chance to design and develop their character.
  • Players have the chance to design and develop their character.
  • If a player’s character is slain, they can revive them to keep playing.
  • In comparison to Diablo, the armor and weapons are more intricate.
  • Depending on their quality, armor and weaponry in Diablo 2 are divided into various levels.
  • Normal, magical, set, uncommon, and unique levels are available.
  • Each level has unique elements that can be combined to create a high-quality weapon.
  • The ability to make items is another feature found in Diablo 2.
  • Using this tool, you can combine several recipe types to produce a recipe with superior quality.

Character Classes Of Diablo 2 v1.14d Awesome Cracked:

Paladin: Paladin is a devotee who hails from the Zakarum Church. His strength lies in his offensive and defensive auras, as well as his fighting skills. His skills range from armed attacks to heavenly thunderbolts.

Witch: The Witch’s skill can freeze any enemies and turn them into solid Overshoot Resistance. The witch can also move from one place to another. The witch’s strength lies in her speed and destructive spell. Its disadvantage is that its defense is weak.

Barbarian: A barbarian is qualified to use dual-use weapons. Shows abilities to resist any punishment. He is also fast and has a high level of defense.

Necromancers: A group of people known as necromancers who are rakish priests. A necromancer is known for casting a spell on death. He is gifted with bone skills that are used against his enemies. He also uses poison spells against his opponent which eventually drains his opponent’s life. The necromancer is also known for his ability to cause confusion and chaos in the enemy camp.

Amazon: It’s from the Great Ocean, Twin Island to be exact. Amazons are famous for using bows, spears, and spears to attack and fight against their opponents. Its defensive capabilities are inert.


  • high degree of precision
  • based on response
  • Building skills and a variety of weaponry to suit the player
  • team fighting skills


  • Undefined contrasting brackets
  • Mods and hacks seriously diminish the fun of the game.
  • Several hits too quickly

System Requirement

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • RAM: 4GB RAM is necessary.
  • 2 GHz processor is necessary.
  • Hard Space: Free Hard Space of 510 MB.

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Diablo 2 Video game Awesome Cracked is well worth your time and money. Any player will be captivated by it simply because of the excitement. In the near future, numerous systems are anticipated to support it. Playing the action-packed roles in the video game Diablo 2 crack. On June 29, 2000, it was first made available for PC platforms, as well as applications for other platforms like Classic Mac OS and Mac OS, both of which were published that same year. Blizzard North created the game in collaboration with his group of teammates. There are two different game modes in Diablo 2: single-player and multiplayer.

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